Grandparent’s Day – A Day to Remember


The children of Rang 1 had a most memorable day with their Grandparents and Parents on the 28th of February. This day started with the Grandparents and Parents waiting in the hall decorated with blue and white balloons, flowers and well presented projects. Projects which both the Grandparents  Parents, Teachers and children worked very hard on over the last few weeks. In this projects the children had the opportunity to interview their grandparents on topics such Where they grew up, Memories they have of growing up, Their school, Their first job  and much more. The children thoroughly enjoyed working as historians and learned a lot in their research.

As the children entered the hall to head for the stage there was an air of excitement and joy filling the hall. The children waved at their relations as Mr O Brien and Mrs Harnedy introduced them to the stage. Rang 1 then proceeded to sing songs from the well known Sound of Music. One of the songs Edelweiss was repeated. This time the Grandparents and Parents joined in. The children sang their hearts out and were very proud of themselves on stage.

Following the performance the Grandparents were invited down to each classroom. Here they participated in a quiz. The children were delighted when they beat their grandparents and loved showing their Grandparent’s and Parent’s their classrooms. During this quiz, the Grandparents and Parents were encouraged to share any memories they had of school and growing up. It was a great educational experience for the children. Many photographs were taken during this event to capture the moment.

Following the quiz the Grandparents, Parents and Children proceeded to the school yard. Together they sang “So long, farewell” from the Sound of Music and released balloons into the air. It was a joyous and memorable moment.

The Teachers and Children of Rang 1 would like to sincerely thank the Grandparent’s and Parents for attending this important event. It is a day that will stay in their memories for a long time to come and most importantly they learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the process.



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