An Droichead

Lee in Mrs. Cronin’s class loves numbers.  He had fun completing this 100 square on Seesaw.


Claudio in Mrs. Cronin’s class has been working really hard at his words.  This is some of his super work.  Well done Claudio.


Rossa in Mrs. Cronin’s class has been practising his colouring inside the lines and he is excellent at colouring by number.  Great job Rossa.


Arynne in Mrs. Cronin’s class has been working really hard on Seesaw.  She completed this tricky maths worksheet.  Super job Arynne.



Callum in Mrs Cronin’s class has been busy with his Minecraft Lego.  He made a minecraft pig and zombie.  He had great fun building this and he said he hopes you all like it.


In response to telling about a family heirloom, Yago in Mrs . Cronin’s class told us all about a quad caxixi. This is a very special instrument used to keep the beat in Capoeira.This  is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics  and music. It was developed by  African slaves  in Brazil.  It is known for it’s acrobatic and complex moves often involving hands on the ground and lots kicks. Yago, his Dad and his Grandad  are Capoeira experts.

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