What is it?
Art Oilibhéir is an annual event which takes pride of place in our calendar of school events, each year.

Because it showcases and highlights the artistic talents of your children, our pupils.

The children and their teachers take time to plan the pieces of art and each year sees new ideas and creativity on display.

During Art Oilibhéir, the Halla is festooned with colour and our parents are invited into the school to view the fantastic displays and purchase your child’s art piece for €3.

This year Art Oilibhéir will take place on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th of April 2023. All the children will be given the opportunity to see the wonderful displays on Thursday (27th) and we invite parents to come to the halla on Friday (28th) to enjoy the displays and purchase your child’s art piece.

Halla Oilibhéir on Friday 28th.

As this is a school fundraiser, each piece of art will cost 3 Euro and this will be a cash only event. Your support, as always, will be greatly appreciated. If you can’t make it to the halla to see the art, you can give your child the €3 so that they can purchase it themselves, but we really do encourage as many parents as possible to call nto the school at any time on Friday to enjoy the artistic atmosphere!!

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