Calling all painter parents!

Dear Parents, we have decided, here in Scoil Oilibhéir, that we would like to paint the fencing around our school in a rainbow of bright colours. We feel this would really brighten up the school environment for the children and the school staff.  It will also please our neighbours as it would enhance the local area as people walk and drive by our school. We feel this could be a community project with staff, parents and pupils coming together to make light work of the job. First of all, we would like to get some advice from any parent who works as a painter regarding preparation of the fence, type of paint to use, safety issues we should be aware of etc. If you are a painter and would like to share your expertise in advising us on these issues we would be delighted to talk to you. Just contact Mrs. Quarry @ 021 4309171 and we can take it from there. Once we have the best of advice from our painter parents, we will be sending out a call to any parent who would like to join us to help with the work. More details to follow.

Le dea-mhéin, A. O’Brien.

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