Cups and Saucers

The boys and girls in Ms O’Mahony’s Senior Infants had great fun this morning playing in a Cups and Saucers tournament.

Team 1 (Ben, Joe, Megan, Fatumata, Lera, Cody and Joey) played against Team 2 (James, Emma, Alisha, Edel, Tommy Lee, Irena and Ava)  with Team 2 winning that round.

Team 3 (Callum, Penny, Ethan, Ella, Eoin and Muhammad) played against Team 4 (Conor, Lucy, Alex, Layci, Emily and Abbey) with Team 4 winning that round.

Team 2 and Team 4 then played in the final with Team 2 emerging victorious.

Check out our photos below!

Congratulations to our winning team!

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