Fifth and Sixth Class

Title: Accept Others, It’s That Simple. By Zak Bruton, Rang 6

Ms. McCarthy’s class were asked to draw a picture based a story they read called ‘A bit of an old goat’. Samantha sketched this amazing drawing on paper and then uploaded it to a digital drawing program. Very impressive! Maith thú Samantha!

Daniel from Mr Barry’s Rang 5 did great work as part of a DIY STEM Activity constructing a Football Table. Maith thú Daniel!

Christina, from Mr Barry’s Rang 5, made a super Football Table as part of a DIY STEM Activity. Maith thú Christina!



Ms. McCarthy’s 6th class were asked to write emoji stories starting with the sentence ‘I woke up and heard a BANG…’ Dylan Morgan wrote an excellent emoji story with a very happy ending🍦. Maith thú Dylan



Ms. McCarthy’s 6th class were asked to pick their favourite quote and explain why they chose it. This is Jacob Dorris’ choice. As always Jacob’s work is presented excellently. This quote is very topical at the minute and encourages everyone to be as positive as possible. Maith thú Jacob!


Jeremi Pawlak consructed his own hotel when 5th class were learning about Óstán in Gaeilge! It even has lights! Maith thú Jeremi!


Eva from Mr O’Driscoll’s Rang 5 designed and built a beautiful hotel when her class were learning about Óstán in Gaeilge! Maith thú Eva!


Shackleton, the heroic Antartic Explorer by Simone Scannell, Rang 6

Mr Brosnan’s class studied conversational poems in school last week and the children did one of their own. This one is by Jaime Wallace and is based on Covid-19. Maith thú Jamie!


Maisie's Poem

Well done to Maisie on her amazing poem about having a bad day. It’s beautifully decorated and obvious that she put a lot of work into it.
Maith thú Maisie!

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