First and Second Class

Aidan in Mrs. Gleeson and Ms. Daly’s First class did some wonderful work responding to a story called”A Space Adventure “. Just look at his fabulous Winky Wonky alien!!

Keep a smile on you face all day.
If you have a bad day don’t worry be happy!
Now that your happy lets play all day!
Day and night we always smile.
Endless times we always make new friends.
Super times we have that make us happy super happy.
So lets have a lot friends that make us happy for ever.

A lovely  ‘Kindness Acrostic Poem ‘ by Alan in Mrs Hunts class!



Warren in Ms. O Briens class has been busy making a camp with a lounge area! Well done Warren!

Here he shows us around his camp!! We are all going to want to come visit!!!

Nicola Cimala in Ms. Ruiseal’s 2nd class is hunting for treasure! Amazing map Nicola!


A lovely kindness acrostic poem by Alex in Mrs Hunts’s class. Maith thú Alex!


Jayden in rang 2 got really creative with his treasure map! He used tea bags and glitter to create a map fit for any pirate!!



X marks the spot for Jason in Ms. O Brien’s 2nd class! What a great treasure map Jason , well done!



Séan in Mrs Hunts 2nd class did an amazing project on the planet earth! Ar fheabhas Séán!!!



Lockdown has seen the boys and girls of first class come to grips with learning a whole new set of technology skills. In this photo, Aaron from 1st class works with a laptop whilst responding to his work on Seesaw each day. When his school work is completed – Aaron wastes no time on getting outside to continue his training for the Cork hurling panel of 2030. Corcaigh agus Aaron abú!



Ciarán in Mrs Hunts 2nd class’s, treasure map. Maith thú Ciarán!



Scoil Oilibhéirs brother and sister, Charlie (6th class )and Lexie (2nd class) did some art work together from Seesaw!!! Now that’s team work!!!!


Tara got very creative during lockdown and made this robot!!!

Morgan in Mrs. Hunts class did an excellent job sorting his adjectives and nouns! Well done Morgan!!



Jason in Mrs Hunt’s class planted this in March,as part of a science lesson. He is doing a wonderful job looking after it at home!


Daisy in Mrs Hunt’s 2nd class cant wait to see her friends again! She even wrote an amazing poem about it!!!

Adam in Ms. Ruiséal’s 2nd class created a wonderful project on the Titanic. Well done Adam!



This photo is of two Scoil Oilibheir sisters, Lucy and Lilly – with their very own Bee Hotel. They have been working on this project with their parents during Lockdown.

Congratulations Lucy and Lilly. That’s a fabulous way to help the bees and the environment. Full marks for staying busy even when all your work on Seesaw is completed!



Alex in Mrs Hunt’s second class has been busy practising his cursive writing during lockdown!!!Maith thú!



Jamie in Ms Ruiséal’s rang 2 is definitely a chocolate enthusiast! Ar fheabhas Jamie, I’m getting hungry just looking at it!!!



A perfect puzzle by Aisling in Mrs Hunt’s second class! Well done!


A wonderful lockdown construction creation by Isabel in rang 2 in Ms. O Brien’s class.

Darragh in Mrs Hunt’s second classes topic of choice for his project was Pokémon!!! Amazing work Darragh!!!



Lauren in Ms. O Brien’s Rang 2 loves her football club Delany’s so much, she did a project on it! Maith thú Lauren!!



Lucas in Ms. O Brien’s second class did an amazing project on a topic of his choice, Michael Collins.



Dara in Ms. Ruiséal’s second class chose to do his class project on The WWE. Super work Dara!!!

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