Junior and Senior Infants


Clodagh in Mrs O’ Bric’s class has been very busy building a beautiful house! Well done Clodagh you should be very proud!


Niamh in Ms. Broderick’s Junior Infant class has been busy practicing her colouring and tracing. She has been a busy bee!

Jack in Ms. Broderick’s Junior Infant class has been busy entering an art competition run by the Regional Cultural Centre in Letterkenny and was featured by RTE. A budding artist in our midst!


Eoin, from Ms O’Mahony’s Senior Infants, has been doing some wonderful drawing and colouring on Seesaw. Eoin has also been doing lots of exercise at home with his family and one day he even managed to do 30 push ups! Maith thú Eoin!

Irena, from Ms O’Mahony’s Senior Infants, worked very hard to make her recycled rocket! She did an amazing job- well done Irena!

Alex, from Ms O’Mahony’s Senior Infants, has been doing great reading at home! Maith thú Alex!

Here are some lovely pieces of art work done by some students in Mrs O Bric’s class.

Sonic by Robyn


By Patryk

By Leo

By Anthony

By Amelia

By Sophia


By Holly


Ms O’Mahonys class did some lovely Mindfulness Yoga and reflected on the importance of staying strong.

Mario in Senior Infants in Mrs. O’ Bric’s class loved reading The Gingerbread Man!! Super work Mario!!


Amit, Senior Infants, Ms. O’ Mahony and it’s his rocket project. Well done Amit!!



Some boys and girls from Ms O’ Mahony’s Senior Infants have been busy making rockets this week!


Cillian in Ms. Broderick’s Junior infants had a great time carrying out his sink or float experiment!


Lilly (Junior Infants) and her sister Lucy (1st Class) have been busy making a bee house!



Abbey and Liam from Ms O’Mahony’s Senior Infants drew and coloured in some wonderful Health Heroes!
Maith sibh!

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