Senior Infants Letter to Parents


Dear Parents,


We, the teachers of the Senior Infants, would like to extend a welcome to you and your child.  We hope that our year together will be a fruitful and happy one.


For your help and information, we would like to make the following points:


  1. Homework

As per our Homework policy, your child should spend approximately 10-15 minutes at written homework(Monday- Wednesday) + 10 minutes Reading time (Library books/CAPER).  We would ask you to sign the homework copy once the homework is finished. At times we prepare the homework copy in advance for the week ahead, however it is only necessary to complete one page per night. On Thursdays we will encourage the children to participate in Active Homework. We are very passionate about encouraging healthy habits at a very young age in Scoil Oilibhéir.This may include for example going for a walk, playing ball outside etc. A list of possible suggestions will be sent home in the next coming weeks.

Please note that the Homework copy can also be a useful way for you to communicate with us as we will endeavour to check each copy daily.


  1. Literacy

Reading is always of the utmost importance in the junior classes.  This year we will continue with the CAPER programme and we are also continuing with the Liftoff to Literacy Programme. Each class will participate in this programme for a duration of 8 weeks. Mrs O Bric’s class will start with Liftoff to Literacy while the other Senior Infant class will have CAPER and inclass support.

Senior Infants will have Word lists which will be in their display folders and will contain new words as they are encountered. It is important to revise these words on a regular basis with the children.  The reader will be sent home when the children have become familiar with all the new words. These books are very valuable and need to be minded accordingly. We will be asking the children every day to return their books.


3      Handwriting

This year the focus is on revising the lower case letters and learning the capital letters. Please encourage correct pencil grip and posture when writing. We will provide a sample of correct letter formation in their display folders.



4      Numeracy

This year your child will be writing the numerals 1-10 as well as the story of these numbers. For oral work continue to practise counting forwards and backwards and to challenge the children to keep counting higher. Counting forwards from different starting points is also recommened

(eg start at the number 5 count forwards and stop at 12) We will be exploring other topics such as Shape, Pattern, Data, Measures, problem solving and we will send home practical maths activities.


  1. Lunch

We would ask you to ensure that your child has a healthy and reasonably substantial lunch.  Since we operate a healthy lunch policy, please provide nutritional lunches for the children. We will also include exercises for homework. No need for treats and especially no nuts allowed. On our corridor alone there are many children with serious nut allergies.

For example,

  • Sandwiches
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Fruit
  • Dried fruit
  • Popcorn.

Recommended drinks,

  • Milk
  • Fruit juice
  • Water.
  1. Hygiene

Please ensure that you child has a toilet bag containing toilet roll, soap and a small hand towel, which needs to be changed on a regular basis. (We will collect soap and toilet rolls and will let you know when they need to be replaced)


  1. Allergies and medical information- Reminder.

As there are many children on our corridor with a selection of allergies (nut) it is imperative that lunches provided do not contain any of the above ingredients. There are also children who have been seriously ill and continue to receive medical treatment in our school. It is of the upmost importance to inform the class teacher of any contagious illnesses during the year eg chickenpox, measles, gastric bugs etc….


  1. Art & P.E.

Please ensure that your child’s school uniform and tracksuit are clearly labelled and runners are worn on given PE days. As children will play in the outdoor play area during big break, we request that you provide a pair of Wellington boots (labelled) in a plastic bag for your child.These will be kept in the classroom for the year. It may a good idea to practise putting on and taking off their coats, jumpers and wellies.



  1. Procedure for collecting your child from school

If your child needs to be collected during the school day, please sign him/her out at the office. You will then receive a permission slip to give to the class teacher. If there has been any change to your contact details, please let us know in writing. Please inform us if you have arranged for another adult to collect your child at the gate.


  1. Absenteeism

If your child has been absent from school, please complete the absence note which will be provided in the display folder. It is important that each child is punctual to class each morning as class begins at 08:45am sharp.


  1. Invitations

Please ensure that Birthday party invitations are not circulated in school.


  1. Educational Websites

These websites have many fun games to help support your child’s learning at home.



Finally, should you have any queries or worries during the year, please do not hesitate to arrange an appointment with the relevant teacher.  This can be done at any time through Mrs. Quarry, the school secretary.  For any minor notifications, please write in the homework copy.


Le dea-mhéin,


Áine O’Mahony          Jayne O’Bric



Can we remind you to label all items, tracksuits, jumpers,lunch boxes, drink bottles etc.


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