Share a Story

Dear Parent/Guardian

We’re writing to you about our exciting and important SHARE A STORY campaign to get everyone sharing stories from breakfast to bedtime.

Reading with your child now will have long-lasting benefits for their future and, because we know how busy you are, the great news is that reading together for JUST 10 MINUTES a day can make all the difference.

It doesn’t just have to happen at bedtime – reading and sharing stories can happen anywhere at any time e.g. on the bus, at the breakfast table, in the garden, in the treehouse etc

We’d love to see what you are reading and where you are reading.

Challenge: Get reading and take photographic evidence!

Students are asked to bring in a 6 x 4 photo of ‘reading’ and give it to the class teacher.

The photo can be of someone reading to the student i.e. grandparent, sibling, parent etc.


It can be of themselves reading to someone, be it younger siblings, older relatives, or even the family pet!

The photographs will be used to create a school display to promote reading.


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