Third and Fourth Class

Pupils from Ms. Lane’s 4th class were busy researching and creating famous art pieces. There was great effort involved and we think they produced some fantastic masterpieces. Well done to all!

Jessica Walsh in Rang 3, Room 27 created this beautiful art piece as part of an activity the class did last week. Maith thú Jessica, it is gorgeous!



Shay from Ms. Dower’s class made a fabulous parachute. Well done to Shay for completing this STEM challenge!

Jamie Warren from Rang 3 has been busy practicing the piano during lockdown-maith thú Jamie!

Alex from Rang 3 did a project on social distancing and showing what 2 metres looks like. Maith thú Alex!


Look at this stunning butterfly made with rose petals and leaves done by Caoimhe in Room 12.


A beautiful art piece done by Alex from Ms Quinlan’s class made entirely with flowers and leaves that he found in his garden.


Labhaoise from Ms. Dower’s class wrote a beautiful poem inspired by a “20ft Tree”.



David from Ms. Dower’s class wrote a fantastic poem about “Beautiful Flowers”.



Emily from Ms Lane’s Rang a 4 made a wonderful replica of The Titanic and its fateful outcome!

Liv from Ms Lane’s Rang 4 used nature to make some beautiful art- Maith thú!


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