Third and Fourth Class

Shay from Ms. Dower’s class made a fabulous parachute. Well done to Shay for completing this STEM challenge!

Jamie Warren from Rang 3 has been busy practicing the piano during lockdown-maith thú Jamie!

Alex from Rang 3 did a project on social distancing and showing what 2 metres looks like. Maith thú Alex!


Look at this stunning butterfly made with rose petals and leaves done by Caoimhe in Room 12.


A beautiful art piece done by Alex from Ms Quinlan’s class made entirely with flowers and leaves that he found in his garden.


Labhaoise from Ms. Dower’s class wrote a beautiful poem inspired by a “20ft Tree”.



David from Ms. Dower’s class wrote a fantastic poem about “Beautiful Flowers”.



Emily from Ms Lane’s Rang a 4 made a wonderful replica of The Titanic and its fateful outcome!

Liv from Ms Lane’s Rang 4 used nature to make some beautiful art- Maith thú!


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