To Parents of pupils from 1st class to 6th class:

Our staggered home times have worked really well since we returned in September. The children are now well used to leaving with their own bubble. The children and parents are dispersing quite quickly from both the side gate and the main gate. Because of this we have decided to change the staggered home times as follows:

  • Those classes leaving school at 2:10 will now leave at 2:20

  • Those classes leaving at 2:20 will now leave at 2:25

  • Those classes leaving at 2:30 will continue to leave at 2:30.

So our dispersal times from Monday, October 12th will be 2:20, 2:25 and 2:30.

 All other dispersal arrangements will remain the same. We will monitor these new dispersal times closely in the coming weeks to ensure they are working for the safety of all or our pupils. Again, I urge parents to exercise social distancing outside the school gates and to disperse immediately once you have collected your child.

Le dea-mhéin,

A. O’Brien.

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