Updated Covid procedures in Scoil Oilibhéir

Dear Parents, I hope you are all keeping well.

It was great to welcome the boys and girls back to school yesterday. They all seemed happy to be back! I wanted to update you on our approach to managing Covid in our school following my memo to you last week. It is important to highlight to you that schools are still quite vulnerable in terms of the spread of Covid. Our staff is working with the cohort of the population with the lowest percentage uptake of vaccination in the country, the 4-12 year age group.  For this reason, we will continue to be cautious in our approach to managing Covid in our school. The safety of pupils and staff will continue to be the priority of the Board of Management. Many staff members will continue to wear a face covering as is their choice. In the same way that it took some time to construct our Covid mitigation measures 2 years ago, we will also require some time to efficiently de-construct them, so below are some updates for you and more will follow in due course.

  1. Cleaning and hygiene protocols such as hand washing, respiratory hygiene and ventilation measures will remain in place as per advice from Public Health.
  2. If a child presents in school with symptoms of Covid we will continue to bring that child to the Aistear room to isolate and notify you to collect your child, so if your child has symptoms of Covid please do not send them to school. Public Health state that “critical components of the collective response in relation to Covid continue to apply including self-isolation if symptomatic or having a positive Covid test result”.
  3. If we are informed of a positive Covid case in your child’s class we will continue to inform the parents in that class so that you can avail of free antigen tests for your child.
  4. Bubbles and pods are no longer in operation in our school and this means that activities such as singing, music, sport can return.
  5. We are currently assessing our plan to dismiss pupils from the school at 14:30 in the safest manner. This will require some work so the current system of staggered collections will remain in place until further notice.
  6. Children developed wonderful independence during Covid in coming into the school themselves each morning. They were very proud of themselves in doing so! Our voluntary morning welcome by teachers and SNAs really helped with this process and the children felt very welcome and safe each morning in a really positive atmosphere.
  7. While we actively encourage independence in coming to school you are now welcome to accompany your child from infants to second class to the classroom if you wish to do so. Please do not enter the classroom, just bring your child to the classroom door and then leave.
  8. If you do bring your child to the classroom door, please do not seek to meet the teacher. This is a really busy time for all teachers and they will not be in a position to have a conversation with you when they have a class to supervise. As is always our policy, if you wish to speak with a teacher, please contact Mrs. Quarry in the office and we will arrange it for you.
  9. For pupils from 3rd class to 6th class, independence in coming into school is a very valuable skill so we would expect all of these children to come in on their own each morning
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